#BuckFiftyADay Since March, 2014

#BuckFiftyADay Since March, 2014

Friday, January 2, 2009

And He's Out of the Gates...

So, training for Boston began in earnest today.

My friend (and former professional marathoner) Nick gave me my marching orders for January and today he called for "12 miles at a pleasant pace" (u should be able to hold a conversation during the run, nothing fast.) So that's what I set out to do...

I've done a few seven and eight-mile runs recently, so I've been building up slowly for January.

Since I don't have one of those fancy pedometers, I base everything on a 9-minute pace (in reality, I probably train at 8:15-8:30), and since I was told to run comfortably, I felt that 9:00 was a safe guess. So, I ran for precisely one hour and 48 minutes, which I assume got me to 12.

It was cold and pretty windy outside and a check of weather.com showed me that the wind was out of the South/Southwest, so that meant I would South to begin, so the wind could blow me up the coast on the way home. That's my typical approach and the main reason is, if you run with the wind at your back you will work up a good sweat, even on a cold day, and if you turn back into the wind you freeze your butt off. I know this from firsthand experience.

So, today's route was Manasquan, over the bridge to Point Pleasant to Bay Head to the Mantoloking line. Back up the coast, up the Point Pleasant Boardwalk, back over the bridge and home. It was not pretty, people. As the process continues, I will be able to share the thoughts that crossed my mind on a run. Today, I can just tell you that it hurt...a lot. My feet, my legs, my back. I caught a glimpse of myself in the long windows in front of Jenkinson's and I was pretty much a fat load moving along like a sloth. Embarrassing. Pitiful. This is the way it always starts.

I blogged a while back that I've added an ipod to my training (after years of resisting) and I'll share the songs that came out of a "genius" playlist that was songs "linked to" Semi-Charmed Kind of Life by Third Eye Blind. Now, before people start trashing my taste in music, this is not my playlist, but the playlist of the little "genius" inside my new ipod. As you will see all the "Genius" does is choose songs from a similar genre and era. Hence, a lot of 90s tunes.

1. Semi-Charmed Kind of Life, Third Eye Blind.
2. One Headlight , The Wallflowers.
3. Run-Around, Blues Traveler.
4. Two Princes, Spin Doctors.
5. Hey Jealousy, Gin Blossoms.
6. Let Her Cry, Hootie and the Blowfish.
7. When I Come Around, Green Day.
8. Linger, The Cranberries.
9. You Were Meant for Me, Jewel. (yeah, I know)
10. Interstate Love Song, Stone Temple Pilots.
11. Stay (I Missed You), Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories (yeah, again)
12. Look What You've Done, JET.
13. Jumper, Third Eye Blind.
14. Hands Down, Dashboard Confessional.
15. Buddy Holly, Weezer.
16. Runaway Train, Soul Asylum.
17. Sixth Aveneue Heartache, The Wallflowers.
18. Basket Case, Green Day.
19. A Long December, Counting Crows.
20. Dreams, The Cranberries.
21. Who Will Save Your Soul, Jewel (Dammit!)

At that point, the ipod went off, not sure why...so I ended up with a chosen song.

22. Moab, Conor Oberst.

Any of my music-loving friends can feel free to suggest songs as this endeavor continues. I'll post my "set lists" from every Long Run Friday. I need to go weigh myself. And take a nap.


Unknown said...

Are you sure you didn't grab your wife's iPod by mistake?

Based on the date-of-popularity of those tracks, maybe you should strap on a pager next to your pedometer for authenticity's sake.

Jeff Bradley said...

What's ironic is that I blame the whole damned set list on you, because it came off of Semi-Charmed Kind of Life, which you planted in my head a few weeks ago. Next Friday, I'll have a list that no one recognizes because I'll key it off of Calexico or The Essex Green.

Anonymous said...

If the Genius comes up with 20 songs keyed by The Essex Green, I'll treat to tix next time The Connells play The Jerz.