#BuckFiftyADay Since March, 2014

#BuckFiftyADay Since March, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back in Blighty

As one of my favorite bands, The Connells, once sang, "Christ almighty, we're back in Blighty." (Amazing song, by the way, but I have no idea how you can access Connells music these days other than by pulling the CDs off my bookshelf.) Anyway, I'm back in bloody England.

At this point, I'm just gonna be vague, because I think vague is the way to go right now. I'm new to the blog thing and about the only thing I know about the blog thing at this point is that it's kind of fun and my buddies seem to get a kick out of seeing their names on the computer once in a while. I combine my blog vagueness with my Facebook vagueness. Today, I updated my status that I was "underground" and it seemed to pique a lot of curiosity in my "pals"... So, I was on the subway, but when I say I am underground, people seem to thinks something's up.

So vague it is. I'm actually a student of vague right now and I'll (sort of) tell you why. Okay, if you're a sports fan and you watch TV, well, there's a certain product, or line of products that advertises A LOT during games and ... I want to perform a sort of public service announcement on one of those products... for one of those conditions. So, it's not the REALLY embarrassing one, it's the kinda embarrassing one. So, guys, uh, if you have to, ya know, go a lot, my doctor assured me last week that is NOT a symptom of of cancer. After waiting a number of years to go see a doctor because of such commericals, I feel it's my duty to let my boyz know. It's good, yo.

So, I'm back in Blighty...England. I'm in London tonight. Will train to Liverpool tomorrow before making my way to the home of the Housemartins and Everything But the Girl for a week. My body-clock is a little messed right now...but it'll all work itself out sooner or later. If you choose, you can fight through the vagueness over the next 10 days. If not, to hell with ya.

Lovely then.


Peace said...

I have no idea if you're really in London or not...if you are, have fun. If you're there vicariously through the web or your mind, have fun. Either way, pay a visit to the Queen for me, cause I have a meeting with a man on the other side...

SF said...

Are you an Everything But The Girl fan? Love them.

I used to be a regular down at Ben Watt's DJ night at the Notting Hill Arts Club (Lazy Dog). That was seriously the primetime of my life; Ben's a nice (if moody) guy...we had some fun times in London, Santa Fe, Miami....oh God Miami. I might still have mojito in my system form that trip.